Service Options for Your Commercial Truck or Service Vehicle


Emergency Breakdown Service

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DPF Filter Cleaning – All Makes & Models

Available at All 4 O’Halloran Locations

Cleaning Early Saves Money and Preserves Filter Capacity!

Experiencing Excessive Re-Gen on a Post-2007 Emissions Truck? Do you have a truck with more than 250,000 miles? Bring the truck or filter to us to be tested and cleaned.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning

O’Halloran International offers a full line of cleaning services for Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), incorporating pneumatic cleaning, testing and thermal regeneration equipment. Our business process focuses on the customer needs with inspections, air flow testing, Level I or Level II cleaning, specialized cleaning (if required) and filter baking.

Cleaning Services

Level I Cleaning filter inspection • Filter band and seal cleaning • Air flow testing • Pneumatic cleaning • Filter air flow test • Filter repackaging
Level II Cleaning Includes Level I Cleaning • Thermal regeneration – 12 hours • Pneumatic cleaning • Filter air flow testing • Filter repackaging

More Information

Stop by, call 800-800-6503, email us or ask your O’Halloran representative for pricing specifics and turn-around time. Volume discounts, loaner / replacement filters, pick-up and delivery are options.
Download our DPF Filter Cleaning Brochure

Preventative maintenance

Available at All 4 O’Halloran Locations
The best strategy for your trucks, and the most important shop activity, is preventative maintenance. These inspections with follow up repairs eliminate most mechanical breakdowns. Performing regular PM’s will extend the life and reliability of your vehicle, increase overall uptime, reduce expenses related to breakdown repair, and help you maintain D.O.T. compliance. The more you spend on Preventative Maintenance the less you spend on breakdown repair. The correlation between regular PM’s and reduced operating cost is unmistakable. The key is to have trained professional and certified technicians inspecting and performing only the repairs need to keep your vehicle operating safely and efficiently. All repairs at O’Hallorans are backed by a 1 year or 100,000 mile warranty and honored by 500 plus dealers around the country.

Scheduled Service

Available at All 4 O’Halloran Locations
We offer preventive maintenance, safety inspections, complete truck overhaul and repairs:
  • International™ Warranty Work
  • IC Bus Warranty Work
  • Repair All Makes & Models of Diesel Trucks & Engines, Buses, Trailers
  • Body Shop

Mobile Maintenance

Available at All 4 O’Halloran Locations
Are you too busy to bring your truck or bus in for routine maintenance or safety inspections? Are you located near Carroll, Cherokee, or Fort Dodge? Give us a call to schedule maintenance. We have flexible hours to fit around your business needs.
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