O’Halloran History and Future

When Jim O’Halloran, Sr. decided to own his own truck dealership, he had two things in mind: impeccable customer service and staying power. Utilizing his more than 13 years of experience in selling medium and heavy duty trucks, he developed a plan to focus on the customers’ needs and to sustain the company and its employees. In 1981, Jim founded O’Halloran International in Altoona, Iowa.

During the 80’s, family owned farms in the Midwest were being foreclosed on by the hundreds and bought out by corporations while trucking companies were merging to stay alive. O’Halloran International stood strong and continued to serve you, the customers, and focus on your needs. This was achieved with these ideals:

  • The business must be run with integrity and fairness.
  • Customers are the top priority.
  • Employees must be respected and protected.
  • The business must always have a strategic plan.
  • Diversification in products and services is essential to success.

As the Company was able to navigate the early 1990’s and the challenges the business climate offered, Jim O’Halloran Jr. joined the Company after a 5 year career in public accounting.  A strong business climate in 1997 and 1998, led to an expansion plan being put into place, and in 1999 a new dealer location in Carroll, Iowa was added to the team.  The expansion continued with the opening of a location in Ft. Dodge, Iowa in 2004 and the joining of forces with a location in Cherokee, Iowa in 2006.  The acquisition of an independent repair facility in Ft. Dodge in 2009 completed the foothold that today marks 39 counties in central and north central Iowa.

The 2000’s also saw a progression in the management team as Jim Sr moved to a role of Chairman of the Board, Mark Wiederin, Jim Sr’s long-time business partner, became Chief Executive Officer and Jim Jr. was named President in 2004.  After successfully transitioning Jim Sr’s ownership to the Company through an ESOP transaction, Jim Jr was able to purchase the stock in 2011, thus completing the evolution to the second generation of family ownership.

Today, the management team continues to strive for the same ideals that Jim Sr. set into place so many years ago. We have articulated these ideals into a Values Statement with five key core values:

“We Listen – We Understand – We Deliver – We Partner”

Customer Service – ‘We Care for Customers’- Our team has a passion to work together to exceed customer’s expectations.

“Character Counts”

Integrity– ‘We Care for Our Character –’ Trust is earned by honoring commitments and doing the right thing in every interaction.

“Stop, Think, Observe, Proceed”

Safety – ‘We Care for Others’ – Safety is our top priority. Raising safety awareness is how we protect against hazards in the workplace.

“Operation Health”

Health ‘We Care for Ourselves’– Healthy lifestyles contribute to the wellbeing of the individual and the company.

“Every Penny Counts”

Fiscal Responsibility – ‘We Care for the Company’- Resources are entrusted to everyone so they can be used wisely for long term success.

You continue to receive the best products and services in trucking and transportation. The employees continue to improve in serving you by anticipating your needs and giving you what you want before you ever know you want it. This is the idea behind O’Halloran International, it was the plan in the beginning and it is the plan for the future.