Cerni Motor Sales (Ohio), O’Halloran International (Iowa) and Uhl Truck Sales (Indiana and Kentucky) announce that they are joining forces to better serve customers and employees as TriVista, a partnership that will become official on June 1, 2017.

Each dealership currently sells and services International® Trucks, Navistar’s flagship brand, offers maintenance services for International Buses, leases and rents trucks as affiliates of Idealease, Inc., and offers a number of other complimentary commercial truck products and services. The three family-owned companies will maintain their individual brands, but use a shared logo design incorporating the TriVista name.

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The O’Halloran International family of dealerships have been delivering impeccable sales & customer service since 1981. With 4 convenient locations O’Halloran is the premier destination for International & Isuzu Truck Parts, Commercial Truck Sales & Service in Iowa. When you work with O’Halloran International you will receive the best products and services in trucking and transportation. The employees continually improve in serving you by anticipating your needs and giving you what you want before you ever know you want it. This is the idea behind O’Halloran International, it was the plan in the beginning and it is the plan for the future.

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